Scrum Master

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Tech Mahindra seeks highly motivated and energetic Scrum Masters. The successful candidate has a blend of Scrum and Kanban skills and is well-versed in Agile principles and practices. The position entails working within client teams to educate and implement practices that embody principles of self-organization, empiricism, autonomy, and experimentation.

Essential Duties

· Guide teams in establishing and following effective processes to manage planning, development and deployment, with quality

· Facilitate discussion, decision making, and conflict resolution within the team

· Guide the team on techniques of self-organization and self-direction/autonomy

· Assess the Scrum and/or Kanban maturity of the team, coaching them to higher levels of maturity at a sustainable pace

· Collaborate and drive feature prioritization planning and backlog refinement with the Product Owner and business stakeholders

· Help resolve conflicts, leading the team to ensure roadblocks and open issues are addressed

· Foresee risks and dependencies and manage them proactively

· Analyze risk and report problems and delays in meeting commitments

· Generate exciting, innovative presentation material to introduce concepts and provide guidance on achieving the recommended practices derived from those concepts.

· Ability to teach/mentor the scrum team agile foundational topics such as Scrum events, estimation, prioritization, etc.


Desired Skills

· Required

o Real professional experience and a proven understanding with iterative development, incremental software delivery, and the “why” & “what” behind it

o Experience in guiding team and enterprise level transitions to Kanban, Scrum, XP and Continuous Delivery principles and practices

o Knowledge in the principles behind emergent requirements

o Good understanding of agile metrics (e.g. how to build a burn-down, track velocity/cycle time, backlog tracking, and task definition)

o Demonstrated experience and knowledge with a solid understanding of project management fundamentals (time/scope/cost)

o Expertise in making continuous improvement changes, especially as it relates to software development

o Strong facilitation skills; must be able to lead and demonstrate value add principles with transparency (e.g. desire to bring disclosure and grow trust)

o Proven ability to lead teams to self-organize and work independently with limited supervision.

o Experience using agile life cycle management tools

o Strong organizational, communication, interpersonal, relationship-building skills conducive to collaboration at all levels

o Working knowledge of at least one Agile ALM tool

· Recommended

o Knowledge of Trunk Based Development, Feature Toggles, API Versioning, Compile Toggles

o Knowledge of Functional Test Automation, Test Driven Development, and Behavior Driven Development

o Knowledge of at least one programming language

o Knowledge of Microservices, Domain Driven Design, and Bounded Context

o Knowledge of Cloud Native Design

Personality Traits

o Excellent technical acumen and ability to learn new software and business concepts quickly

o Enthusiastic and fun demeanor with a mindset of team empowerment

o Deep interest and curiosity for learning new things and doing things better

o Good communication skills

o Ability to context-switch between multiple projects, codebases, and concepts with ease

o Strong problem-solving skills

o Must be comfortable working in a fast-paced, collaborative environment

Education / Experience

o Must have at least 2 years of Scrum Master/Agile Coach experience

o Bachelor's degree, ideally in a technical discipline with a development background

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